You want how many balloons?

Me again, guys. It’s Magpie. Peachy is in the air (inside of a plane) between Wales and the lovely land of Aus. This means two things: I get to do Music Monday two weeks in a row- and you are, by extension, stuck with my eclectic and dubious musical tastes until next week.

So, in consideration of you all, I’ve decided to change how I’m interpreting the “To Die For” theme, to bring you something a little different.

The song I’ve chosen isn’t strictly about murder, BUT it is about a hypothetical scenario in which 99 balloons float into the sky, which accidentally trigger alarm systems that are designed to detect airborne threats. The readings from these systems are interpreted by trigger happy government and military leaders as potentially dangerous UFOs, sent by an opposing nation or state. The same trigger happy folk OK a declaration of war and the firing of huge big (presumably nuclear) weapons, which are so monumentally destructive that the world is destroyed. Got all that?

I grew up listening to the German version of this song, and because I’d never heard the English version (still haven’t, because meh,) so I didn’t actually know that it was about a nuclear holocaust until my Dad told me as much a few years ago. I was all, “nah, it’s about balloons!” Yeah, no. The lyrics for the English version are pretty much a jazzed up version of the direct translation (although I am curious about where the Captain Kirk reference ended up in the translation, because it’s in both versions of the song. Hmm…) and is quite thematically illustrative. Especially if, like me, the only German words you know are lederhosen, wilkommen, bratwurst and luftballons. Oh, and Oktoberfest.

Basically, the moral of the story is: Look before you leap. Or, before you kill lots of people because you couldn’t be arsed peeking out of the window.


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