New shiny things!


Happy Sunday everyone! If you haven’t already, please follow Guide to Nothing on Twitter for updates on every blog post and the odd witticism. @GuidetoNothing

Desert Island Survival Song Week was a blast, we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it! You can read the final post here, and find out whether we succumbed to island-induced insanity.

 Song of the Day has been a wonderful exercise for Magpie and I. Writing almost daily flexes our writing muscles and makes writing easier and more enjoyable. That said, we’ve been doing music a lot, so we’ve decided to dial Song of the Day back for now.

☺It is therefore our pleasure to introduce MUSIC MONDAYS! All of the fun of Song of the Day but in a slightly less intense incarnation.

☺We are also excited for WTF WEDNESDAYS – A new category that will feature explanatory and/or acknowledging articles about shit that confuses people. This is gonna be really informative, so get excited! The first WTF post will be up on Wednesday 3rd July.

☺Outside of this, Magpie and I will continue to lovingly post several times a week on this, that and everything, with the hope that our amorphous guide will expand to wondrous extents!


Peachy x


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