Brighter than sand and palm leaves.

Peachy was right. We both definitely have Desert Island Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve even fashioned myself a pair of knitting needles out of broken branches, and working out how to break the leaves down into fibres and spin them into yarn is keeping me occupied. Now that I’ve worked out which nuts and berries are okay to eat I have a lot more time to spare.

At night, by the light of the stars, I can see a trail of smoke curling into the sky from what can only be Peachy’s island. Maybe my next project will be a raft. Two heads are better than one, and who knows, there may even be animals on her island. I miss meat so much.



Now that I’ve weeded out the hallucinogenic berries I can finally listen to this song again. The voodoo vibes were a bit much for me when my dinner still contained psychotropic elements, but now, I can play it loudly and dance around the campfire like a crazy person to my heart’s content.

I think I’ll definitely start building a raft in the morning. Not only will it be a thrill to see another human, but my playlist will double in size.


One thought on “Brighter than sand and palm leaves.

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