Here’s a hypothetical: my desert island (sans heat, deadly fauna and insects) is actually damn beautiful.

Because i’m on a desert island, I wake with the sun as nature intended. I watch it cast light on to inky water and for a sec I forget about my makeshift noose, the volleyball who stole my silver chain, and my constant dreams about German cowboys. I listen to this heartbreakingly beautiful song and am at peace.


Eric Whitacre – Alleluia

By a very slim margin, Alleluia beat Whitacre’s ‘The Seal Lullaby’ for my final desert island song. Though equally exquisite it gave me certain unfavourable flashbacks of Year 10 choir, and while The Seal Lullaby is somewhat of a narrative, Allelulia is pure experience. Both stunning. Both written by an extraordinarily talented man.

Just…listen to 1:38…

It’s conclusive; Magpie and I have both have Stockholm Syndrome and are staying put.

Peachy x


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