I’m sorry, Wilson!

After my last post  about the implacable nostalgia that Germans call ‘sehnsucht’*, i’m gonna keep it light and on-track today. Desert island day #3. I’ve listened to Iron and Golden Brown so many times that i’m beginning to unconsciously tie pieces of clothing together in a noose-like fashion. On the up-side, I find the nakedness freeing – it’s so hot on this damn island. But look! What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a ghostly apparition of Magpie come to grant me song number 3.


So I have a hunting song and a sehnsucht song. I’m thinking I need something lighthearted to get me through the long, long days of brooding and chatting to a volleyball. Not only does this song have island boogie down pat, perhaps it will convince me that Wilson is a dreadlock-donning Jamaican who wants to steal my silver chain. It provides a gentle transition between sanity and insanity. First it’s a song, then as my lucidity diminishes with excessive heat, dehydration and hunger, it becomes an unfortunate reality. But fun. And i’d rather go insane to reggae than dubstep.

And yes, Magpie. My island is huge. Suck it.

Peachy x

*How come Germans have so many words that can’t be accurately translated in to English? Germans are awesome.


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