Why am I still on this damn island?

Dear peeled-bark diary,

Day three on the island, still no sign of help. I’m really, really sun burnt and I’ve got a lot of mosquito bites. I’m glad I have this playlist, though, and these super convenient solar powered speakers. Even though the salt water corrupted all but four songs on my MP3 player (BECAUSE SCIENCE, OKAY?) I couldn’t have asked for four better songs.

I was assured, before leaving, that if I was ever shipwrecked, that all of the islands in this region are patrolled by special crack squads of people rescuers once a fortnight. The tour operator said I’d be surprised by how often they pick people up. This means that at worst, I’ve got eleven more days to wait until someone gets here. I can do this.

Today, diary, I’ve decided to try not to remind myself OF THE PAINFUL ABSENCE OF ALL HUMAN SPEECH OTHER THAN MY OWN. Thankfully, one of the four songs is an instrumental piece.



It’s a beautiful piece, diary. Sweeping, evocative and uplifting, it’s just what I need today. Not to mention the fact that it’s part of the score from ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild,’ which is a seriously fantastic movie.

I cried, solidly, for the last 45 minutes of that movie. So did both of my brothers. HUSHPUPPY IS A BEAST OF THE SOUTHERN WILD AND SHE DESERVES TO LIVE FREE.

Please excuse me, diary. I’m feeling a little bit emotionally unstable. I’m just going to go and sit quietly for a while and listen to this piece, and then I’m going to walk around the island. Again. IT ONLY TAKES 20 MINUTES. WHY AM I STUCK ON SUCH A TINY ISLAND? I BET PEACHY GOT A HUGE ISLAND. THAT BITCH.


3 thoughts on “Why am I still on this damn island?

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