What do you mean, I’m stuck on an island? Will there be food?

As someone who has unorthodox reactions to hypothetical scenarios, I applaud Peachy’s tremendous commitment to the Desert Island theme. We had to have some serious discussions about it, and like she said yesterday, we realised that only having four songs to listen to for the rest of our lonely, unnecessarily sand infested lives would lead to insanity.

For example, I quickly declared that I was mortified by the prospect of a future in which I could never again listen to ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ from the Sound of Music, making some kind of threat about self harm and coconuts (upon which I would never follow through, because coconuts are far too tasty and useful to ever be subjected to such a fate. Coconut milk/water is a hugely viable substitute for human blood plasma, and with two dried out halves you can pretend to have a horse. You could also, in your Desert Island-y spare time, experiment to see whether a five-ounce bird could carry a one pound coconut. And then you could cook the bird on a spit. Tangent, sorry.) On the other hand, if it was only one of four songs on loop for years of my life, I might not fare so well. I may come to loathe “all that yodelling,” as Peachy so sagely pointed out.

So, in light of our deciding to choose songs based upon the knowledge that we would only be on the island for a short time, I present to you:



To be fair, this song was on my list even when I thought I’d be on that godforsaken island for the rest of my life. I love it that much. I have probably listened to it several hundred, maybe even a thousand times since I first heard it when I was about 9. This song is the reason I love jazz, and loving jazz has opened my mind up to so many other genres, that I can’t even imagine where my musical tastes would be without it.

It is, for me, the perfect song. Ella’s brilliant tone contrasts with Louis’ gravel voice and the whole thing just buzzes with a beautiful, musical energy. Not to mention the GORGEOUS orchestration. Summertime (which is equally as magical in its original, operatic form, if not more so,) would keep me going on a desert island for just long enough to build a kick arse signal fire.




2 thoughts on “What do you mean, I’m stuck on an island? Will there be food?

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