Peachy also smells like ranch dressing.*

*Not peaches as you might expect.


I apologise for my absence yesterday; life frowns upon the disorganised. Luckily Magpie stepped in with an awesome SoTD, making my existence pointless and inane. Some of you may feel like you deserve more than an apology. An apology song, perhaps. So what song is that unreliable Peachy gonna post today? Apologise – Timbaland ft. One Republic? I’m Sorry – CNBLUE?

No. What do you even take me for.

I’m going for something infinitely better. For people who love The Black Keys, you’re welcome. For people who don’t know The Black Keys, you’re welcome.**

That’s a beat that can’t be beat. Not only is this modern blues rock at its best, it’s a great example of friend + friend = epic collaboration (*cough* just like MagpiePeachy *cough*). Plus the video is cute/funny.

Fun fact: the first low budget video for this song featured a miming dinosaur puppet, with facts about song and dinosaur scrolling across the bottom of the screen. “Frank is a funkasaurus Rex…Frank has a profile on so if any of you single ladies out there are into puppet dinosaurs with sweet dance moves…”

Happy Monday,

Peachy x

** There is no middle ground.


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