Get Funky

Song of the Day! SONG OF THE DAY! I’ve just realised that after caps, I have no other means of accurately conveying heightened excitement through text. I peaked too early, you guys. One can only amp up so much.

Daft Punk, however, can amp up as much as they want. They have lots of money and fancy computers and I read a magazine article which had a photo of them both wearing sparkly jackets. SPARKLY JACKETS. And their helmets have sparkles on them too. SPARKLES. Sorry about all of the capital letters, but, well… I’m Magpie. There was sparkly stuff. It’s on the tin.

I’m not a huge fan of electronica, or of people who are too cool to have faces, but I like this song. It’s catchy and it does some pretty nifty genre jumping, which (so long as it doesn’t result in a guest spot from Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull,) I’m a big fan of. Four for you, Daft Punk. You go, Daft Punk.

In other news- while Daft Punk were busy Get(ting) Lucky, Peachy and me got a Twitter!! Find us at @GuidetoNothing (duh) and follow is to enjoy all of our witty thoughts and profound musings that aren’t long enough to warrant an individual blog post.



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