Oh, look! A new category!

I was really struggling to think of a way to force myself to contribute to the Guide a bit more regularly, and I think I’ve hit upon something a little bit good. SONG OF THE DAY! I like music, and I’ve pretty much always got something to say, so after a bit of a chat with Peachy, we’ve decided to inaugurate a new category, the authorship of which will alternate between us on a daily basis. I’m keen, Peachy’s keen- let’s do this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, it is my great pleasure to announce Guide to Nothing’s first ever Song of the Day!

I love me some Dire Straits, and aside from being a canny insight into the hangups of the MTV generation and its predecessors (ha! Bet you didn’t think I was that clever!) it’s also really, really freaking catchy.



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