Pfft, titles.

Hello, lovely readers!

I’m very terribly sorry that it’s been so long since my last blog post. An interesting combination of many things has prevented me from writing- it was assessment period at uni, I packed up my stuff and came home for the holidays, I started knitting some things,I finished knitting some other things, I tidied my room (seriously, that was so long overdue, one friend told me it looked like an episode of hoarders. I did not disagree.) Mostly though, I was just being super lazy. Super, super lazy. I was also a little creatively dry.

I now realise that a drought of creativity does not make for a valid excuse, especially when my life is such a rich mine of fascinating people and unlikely events. I sat down a few days ago and thought to myself, why don’t I write about that time I was stalked by a Spandau Ballet song? Or that time that I realised I look so much like my mother that if she ever got out of a DeLorean looking flustered I would lose my mind.  Or that time I realised my ten year old brother seriously hardcore and a little bit crazy (he took three stitches out of his foot with a pocket knife BECAUSE HE HAD NOTHING BETTER TO DO.) That one was today, actually. I took a nap for half an hour and BAM. When I was 10, I couldn’t even take off a bandaid without soaking it the bath for half an hour. The signs obviously point to him being his generations Bear Grylls and to the fact that I CAN NEVER NAP AGAIN. Which is sad, because naps make the world go round.

Anyway, I realised that my problem wasn’t a lack of creativity, it was the aforementioned laziness. What happened was, I finished uni for the semester, and I got bored. I get bored in very much the same way other people develop a cycle of self loathing. I wake up in the morning (Peachy and some of my other nearest and dearest will try to tell you that 11:58 doesn’t really count as ‘morning,’ but shhhhh,) and decide to have a lazy day. From there, being lazy causes me to be bored. When I’m bored, I don’t have a lot of motivation, so I feel lazy. It can go on for days. By the time I feel suitably motivated again, it’s highly likely that I will have watched a lot of episodes of The Walking Dead, Star Trek, Misfits, Community, Glee, QI and/or Game of Thrones. I will also have not written anything for the blog, tidied my room or eaten anything containing vegetables for quite some time.

So, dear reader/s, with y’all as my witnesses, (all six of you,) I swear to cut back on my lazy days and post more frequently. I promise, in upcoming posts, to tell you all about the time that a bee thought my nose stud was a flower and butt-danced on it for two minutes, wiggling its stinger just inside of my field of vision for a full two minutes (actually, that’s about  all there is to that one,) as well as a bunch of other fun weird bonkers stuff. YAY BLOGGING. YAY CONSISTENCY.





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