Got Milk?


First real post? No pressure… So here’s a little background for this one. Peachy and me are uni students in the ACT (please keep reading- I could hear you groan when you read “uni students” because I’M MAGIC and would probably do the same, but hang in there, please,) and occasionally, for want of anything better to do, buy wine and/or Golden Gaytimes from a corner shop nearby (because we are simultaneously adults and children, depending on the day of the week.) Anyway, while in this shop I was trying to decide between one overpriced cheese and its plasticky kin when Peachy pointed out something THAT CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER.


(image from Canberra Times article, see link below.)

Okay, so it didn’t change my life forever, but it sure as hell made it a little weirder. We both kind of did a double take. Is that? Oh my god, it is. That’s… unique. Much like Canberra itself. Now, I don’t want to offend any loyal devotees of the Canberra Milk ‘Raiders Lime’ flavour, but WHAT THE SHIT? I consider myself to be a pretty open minded sort of gal. I live in a student residence where I have to share a bathroom with 26 people of various persuasions and dubious aim, and can pretty well talk to anyone, but I cannot reconcile the existence of lime flavoured milk. I’m okay with lime ice-cream, but everyone knows that ice-cream is a totally different beast. Puh-lease.

I’m not a huge fan of milk at the best of times (pretty much the only times I’m a fan of milk are when it’s used to make chocolate, whipped cream, sour cream, caramel and milkshakes,) but the thought of cow juice that tastes like a tiny green citrus fruit freaked me right out. A number of thoughts assailed me then and there- is it green? Wouldn’t it taste really weird, like sour, tangy milk? If that’s what you want out of life, why wouldn’t you just leave regular milk in the sun for a day or so? I get why it would make sense for it to be green- the Raiders (a Canberran sports team, famed for playing some kind of ball game,) team colour is green, so any promotional stuff is lime coloured. BUT SERIOUSLY? GREEN MILK? Milk goes green on its own after enough time has passed since it came out of the cow, but I’m not really sure if that’s a connection anybody really wants to be capitalising on.

By far the strangest thing about Raiders Lime is that it actually does have a loyal following. I wasn’t being sarcastic before, when I expressed the desire not to offend them, because apparently there have been enough of them writing in to Canberra Milk over the last 17 years to warrant the return of this sincerely bizarre flavour(Canberra Times.) DO YOU REALISE WHAT THIS MEANS? This is the second coming of promotional, lime flavoured milk. As weird as I think it is now, and as weird as it undoubtedly was 17 years ago, somebody loved it enough to beg for it to come back. That, or the Raiders tripped and fell into a sponsor deal with Canberra Milk who, in turn handed the responsibility to a younger employee who remembered drinking it as a child. I can see it now-

“Guys, you know what’s trending right now?” The eager PR kid is chomping at the bit, can’t believe nobody else has thought of this. “Nostalgia. Remember the lime milk from back in the 90’s?”

And thus, Canberra Milk Raiders Lime was reborn.




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